Meet the Team!

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#1 Aidan rossiter

Aidan is our go-to main-man goalie on the team. If he cant block a ball with his hands, he is never scared to use his face.


#2 Easton Honaker

Easton has been playing set for the A team since his freshman year. Now as a upcoming junior, he is one of the most valuable scorers on the team.


#3 Connor Stewart

Connor played on the A team for the first time during the 2018 season and has since become a important player on the team.


#5 Nathan craig

Nathan Craig, or Nate as most people on the team know him and is our team captain. He is a pretty goon of a guy as you can see by this photo. However, as silly as he is on dry land, he is a serious and deadly score-a-tron in the water.


#6 Mitchell Kim

Mitchell is probably the smallest player we have on the team, but do not let his size fool you! Mitchell is known for his ability to out swim and out outmaneuver even the largest of his opponents.


#7 zander keating

Zander is our main leftie and excellent at being the pivotal part all of our man-up plays


#8 Jason Juliette

Jason started on the A team as freshman and has been a valuable member of the first string from day one. He is never afraid to shoot his shot!


#10 Thomas Nagle

Thomas is our current President and second leftie on the team. He is a vital part of the team and responsible for a large part of the team’s success both in and out of the water.


#11 Evan Grimes

Evan is super-senior and 6’10, making him unmatched in both experience and height in the water.


#13 ZHan Chen

Han is our second team captain. He is ranks #1 in number of practices attended every season and is always willing to help every team member get better that wants to.


#14 Brent Bouslog

Brent is our Chicago-import. He started on the A team beginning his sophomore year and has been an excellent asset to the team


#15 Henry Oliver

Henry is a leftie from Albuquerque, New Mexico. He is fast as a fish in the water and always has a positive attitude!