For incoming freshman and transfer students: Depending on the number of prospective wanting to join, tryouts will be held at the Lee &Jamie Jamail Texas Swim Center during the first to second week of the fall semester. New players are expected to have basic swimming skills. No previous formal water polo experience is required.

Please fill out this form to receive additional information about joining the team and receive updates.

Prospective Players

Membership Packet

REQUIRED FOR ALL PLAYERS: Membership packets must be filled out in order for players to be able to enter the practice facility, travel, and some other matters deemed important by the university.

Online Dues Portal

REQUIRED FOR ALL PLAYERS: Member dues help cover:

  • A water polo suit, t-shirt and other gear items (shorts, polo, etc)

  • Travel and hotels for all conference tournaments

  • Pool facility rental costs and Collegiate Water Polo Association team fees (this accounts for approximately 60% of dues)

  • Team water polo equipment

  • Airfare, travel, lodging and a small gift for the coaches

Practice Schedule

Practice is Monday - Thursday at the Lee & Jamie Jamail Texas Swim Center from 8:00pm - 10:00pm. Players are expected to show up on time and as frequently as possible during the season. However, the team prioritizes school above all else and understands missing for exams and studying. Members who are planning to miss practice should reach out to one of the captains in advance. Team placement and playing time will be strongly influenced by practice attendance. Remember: You only get out what you put in!