Who can play on Team?

Membership is open to students enrolled at the University of Texas at Austin. Membership is limited to enrolled students (graduate or undergraduate) and faculty/staff of the University of Texas at Austin. Potential members are not required to have prior water polo experience but are expected to be strong swimmers who can handle the physical rigors of the sport.

How does traveling work?

The team travels during multiple weekends of the fall semester to other universities in order to compete in tournaments. Players are sent a link to a spreadsheet approximately a week before travel to assign themselves to a car for that weekend. The team often stays in players’ houses if possible or in hotels reversed by the team. Players are expected to pay for their own food during the weekend.

Where are my donations going?

Your donations go into a special fund separate from what we raise through dues and selling merchandise. This separate fund is managed by the University of Texas’s division of Rec Sports in coordination with the leaders of our team. The funds are used help buy new equipment such as water polo balls, cages, and nets as well as helping to pay for our practice facility.

Any other questions? Contact us!

For any other questions about the team, please contact one of our team’s representatives. Additionally, feel free to message us on any of our social media links found below.

Thomas Nagle, Club President: thomas.nagle@utexas.edu

Maximillian Pleason, Club Vice President: mpleason@utexas.edu